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Cold Cuts


Cooked Ham 10% Hormal

Cooked Ham Low Sodium Hormel

Cooked Ham 39% Pioneer

Hot Spicy Ham 22%


Beef Bacon Whole

Turkey Bacon 12oz

Turkey Bacon Whole

Pork Bacon 1lb

Slab Pork Bacon

Sliced Pork Bacon 18lbs

Turkey Breast

Deluxe Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

Deluxe Smoked Breast

Golden Delight Turkey Breast


Beef Salami

Campesino Salami 2.8lbs

Cooked Salami

Hard Salami

Higueral Corto 1lb

Higueral Largo 2.5lbs

Induveca 1lb

Induveca 2lbs

Induveca 3.25lbs

Salami El Pueblo

Chorizo Mexicano 10oz


Beef Bologna

Pastrami Navel

Pastrami round

Roast Beef Flat

Spiced Luncheon Loaf

Pork Roll

Turkey Pastrami

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