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Caldo de Pollo Dominicano

Cooking White Wine

Mojo Criollo

Soy Bean Oil Admiration

Tomato Paste #10

Black Pepper Whole

Black Pepper Ground

Granulated Garlic

Parsley Flakes

Ranch Dressing

White Vinegar

Sazon Goya Coriander Annatto Jumbo

Soy Sauce

Sugar 25lbs

Red Onions

Spanish Onions

Idaho Potatos

Fresh Garlic Whole Peeled

Bath Tissue White 96ct.

Bath Tissue Scott 36ct.

Brown Bath Towel

White Bath Towel

Plenty Paper Towels

Butcher Peach Paper

Butcher Wax Paper 15"

Butcher White Paper 15"

Back Beans 50lbs

Blackeye Peas 50lbs

Parboil Long Grain Rice 50lbs

Parboil Rice 100lbs

Pinto Beans 50lbs

Rice Long Grain 100lbs

Rice Long Grain 50lbs

Accent Flavor Enhancer 32oz

Adobo with Coriander & Annatto Gal.

Adobo With Pepper

Adobo without Pepper

Banana Hot Pepper Rings

Barbeque Sauce


Black Bean Cans (15oz & 29oz)

Black Pepper Packets

Salt 50lbs

Salt Packets

Sliced Pickles

Sweet Pepper Strips

Sweet Relish

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Swiss Milk Chocolate


Ketchup Packets


Tuna Chunk Light

Black Vanilla

Whole Peeled Tomatos

Cheddar cheese Sauce

Casabe Dominicano (Garlic & Original)

Charcoal Lumps

Chicken Soup Base 25lbs Powder

Chicken Soup Base 30lbs Paste

Knorr Chicken Bullion

Ground Cinnamon Gal.

Cinnamon Sticks

Whole Cloves

Corn Oil

Cummins Ground

Egg Yellow Shade

Evaporated Milk

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fabuloso Lavender 

All Purpose Flour

Green Pigeon Peas (15oz & 29oz)

Honey Mustard Dressing

Deli Mustard

Yellow Mustard

Frank's Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Packets

Hot Sliced Cherry Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper Sliced

Magic Chef Creamy Liquid Shortening

Magic Fry Clear Shortening


Ground Onion Powder

Onion Powder

Ground Oregano


Pink Liquid Dish Soap

Pinto Beans

Real Lemon


White Vanilla

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