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Fish & Seafood


Basa Fish Fillet 7-9

Croaker 8-16

Croaker 32-Up

King Fish Steak

Mackerel Whole 500

Red Snapper 1-1 1/2lbs

Red Snapper 1 1/2-2

Red Snapper 3/4-1

Salmon Fillet 6-8oz

Salted Pollock Atlantic 40lbs

Salted Pollock World Wide 1lb

Salted Pollock Fox River 1lb

Smoked Herring Fillet 

Tilapia 550-750

Tilapia 750-Up

Tilapia Fillet 5-7oz

Tilapia Fillet 7-9oz

Whitting Fillet 

Whitting Fillet Skin On

Whitting Fillet Whole Fish

Pompano Fish


Crabs Cut With Claws

Crab Meat

Mussels 2lbs

Octopus 4-6

Octopus 6-8

Seafood Mix Buena Ventura

Shrimp 16-20 EZ Peel

Shrimp 16-20 Peeled & Deveined

Shrimp 21-25 Peeled & DEveined

Squid Tentacles Only

Squid Tube 10-U

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